I have no idea why I have been buying shrimp anywhere else but from mark. Just received my painted red’s today (Wednesday) in the U.K. These were dispatched on Monday. Super fast delivery and they all survived and look happy. Thanks for the extra shrimp too ���.

I will be buying again that is for certain.

Thank you Mark.

Sheikh Uddin Ahmed
Customer Testimonial
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
Erik Johnson
Los Angeles, California
Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can't recommend them enough.
Amanda Mitchell
Lincoln, Virginia
Lovely products. Great price and fast delivery. No hassle shopping. I will definitely be coming back
John Doe
London, UK

About Marks Shrimp Tanks

Marks Shrimp Tanks

As an shrimp keeper I have a wealth of knowledge dating back almost 30 years and I have been breeding and keeping freshwater aquarium shrimp such as  Red Cherry Shrimp, Crystal Red Shrimp, Taiwan Bee Shrimp for about 10 years.

Early in 2016 I decided to start my own YouTube channel called Marks Shrimp Tanks which you can find here https://goo.gl/JMPwor

I started my own channel to help others learn how to keep freshwater aquarium shrimp and I hope I can spread my passion for this wonderful hobby.